If you wish your life were different do your life differently. – Terence Houlihan

Next Term Coaching offers a few packages – can’t pick one, we’ll create on for you.

Let’s Do This! – Three months coaching $900

You’ll work individually with a professionally certified coach to navigate where you are, where you want to go, and what’s standing in your way. You’ll get six coaching sessions – they last about an hour. Plus weekly check-ins and thoughtful assignments ahead of time to use your coaching session wisely.

Quick and Easy – Two Months Coaching $650

Bi-weekly coaching sessions laser-focused on a specific issue. Ideal for the client who is clear about what they want but need a sounding board to help them charge forward.

Individual Sessions – $175 each

Commitment not your thing. Not a problem. We’ll meet with you to talk through an issue that popped up or and idea you just can’t let go. We’ll offer you the same level of support, curiosity, and grace.

Allison was truly inspirational to me as we worked together as I began to create my plan for when I retire from teaching.

Her coaching helped me shift my focus.

Jennifer – coaching and resume client.

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