The Last Time

I’m watching the boys in the backyard as they sniff along the fence line. Johnny Rose marked six-months-old yesterday. Ben is a protective bugger at age 3. It’s Thanksgiving Eve. I’ve shut down work for the day. The sun floods my office, and I should be out in it. Instead, I find myself scanning myContinue reading “The Last Time”


February – Welcome.

It’s a a rather blustery morning as February 2021 rolls into existence. Mercury is also rolling – backwards. So that gives us all pause; by “all” I mean us sensitive types (raises hand, points finger at self). Let’s get on with it. Feedback: “Can I give you a little bit of feedback?” “Feedback” sends myContinue reading “February – Welcome.”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Allison Gregg – a certified coach that empowers you to live your next term on your terms.

I focus my efforts on individuals and organization who want better than what they have today. They just need some support. That can be coaching, a business ally, or a resume! This blog is where I write about my life. You can get to know me and all the things you prolly never wanted to know.

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