How It Happened – And I’m So Grateful It Did

Remember February 2020? It was the last time we were free to live and move and explore. It was the end of innocence. We freely went to the store, office, on planes – all of it. Can we all just agree that none of us want to read (or write) about the obvious changes that the last 14 months brought? Good. I will skip it.

As a certified coach, I support people as they slay change. This last two months I became my best client. And because I was so good as a client, I want to share with you the tips that kept me sane as I sold, packed, and moved on my own.

  1. Make a list. Every. Day. Make. a. List. Actually make a two-month list. Let’s face it – lists are more of a “I’m in control” mechanism than anything. For me, I’m a list-aholic. They keep my anxiety in check. When I decided to sell the house, I knew what to expect in terms of emotions – I knew there would be plenty of them. I also knew that you have to cancel utilities, hire movers and cleaners, pack, donate, and still live/work/play whilst all this is happening. Thanks to my Commit 30 notebook, I listed out everything that needed to be done and plotted the course. By doing small things daily, I am happy to say the move brought minimal stress.
  2. People will save you from yourself. I have a friend, let’s call her Beth. She’s a rock with mom genes who rocks mom jeans. She knows me well and could see trouble coming when I tried to carry too much on my own. When things got really chaotic at the end she offered me dinner, a place to stay, and her presence. I typically would not accept help (get over it, Allison). But I did and because of her help and support through the last few days of moving – not to mention the three years before – I was able to have peace about my decision. Get yourself a Beth. But you can’t have mine. This is where I would insert a selfie of Beth and I looking cute, but I don’t have one – not because we aren’t cute, but because with some relationships you don’t need a picture. Because they live in your heart always.
  3. Despite your planning things will go haywire. On Monday of the move, I took Ben to daycare. Only to be told daycare was closed due to a respiratory infection. It’d be closed for two weeks. Like COVID for dogs, I guess. Ben was to go to daycare Monday (movers), Tuesday (cleaners), and Wednesday (closing). Ben became besties with the movers, avoided the cleaners, and did good on his own at Beth’s house. Yes, things change. But if you keep a focus on the bigger picture, all that little stuff doesn’t matter. Like can I tell you how annoyed I get with Pam when she’s upset her veil rips (The Office)? That’s not what matters on your wedding day. It matters that you’re getting married. Keep your eyes on the horizon. That’s where you’re going.
  4. Know that everything changes and feeling pass. I sit here today, back in a town I left seven years ago and four years before that. But this is where I belong. My strongest network exists here in Huntsville. In the two weeks since I’ve been back I’ve reconnected with friends – it feels like no time has slipped between us. Lunches, wine on the porch, dog dates, dinners, and great conversations are the indicators I needed. On my first Sunday home, I left a friend’s house – let’s call her Ashley – and said to myself, “I made the right choice.” While we change – we as people – when you have relationships that are so grounded and strong that bond doesn’t change. Sitting with these amazing people over the last two weeks brought to me great resolve. I am home. These are my people. This is where I belong.

May you find peace as you walk through life. May you know you’re not alone. May you answer the call of help when you need it the most. May you understand that you are amazing.

Published by allisongreggconsulting

As an Associated Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, I am dedicated to helping people examine their lives and find ways to assure they meet their goals. Inside each of us is unlimited potential. Don't let your life slip away - go after your dreams and let me help you along the way! With 20 years experience in communications, I am your go-to expert for telling your story to audiences that matter, crafting stories that deliver results, and building campaigns that resonate.

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